Thoughts of a Black Woman

Can a Black Man Love?

So who says strong Black men aren't emotional?

Who says that men need to cry in the dark to express their feelings?

When a Black Man Loves," is more than the ruminations of its author, but it is also a statment regarding basic human dilemmas: ectasy and pain, risk and rewards, richness and barrenness, love and lust, and desire and need. This book will read you as you read it, being both a friend, and at times a foe, while your life is breaking apart or coming back together again. You may put it down, but you will pick it back up again, and again. - Michael Blanco

When a Black Man Loves is a collection of poetry and prose that spans about twelve years. This book is not merely a look inside how I, a Black man, felt during different phases of my relationships, or more aptly stages of my life, but also into those realities of love, lust, desire and need as well.  These are aspect that form all relationships, no matter what ratio is used.

While this book may have been written by a Black man, the dynamics covered in it are applicable to anyone who has ever been in love, or in any type of intimate relationship with a member of the opposite sex. It gives men some comraderie and espirit de corps in exorcising, and excising, some of the feelings that they have had while going through similar things. It gives women more insight into the emotional side of men when they are going through different events in relationships, shedding more light into an area where there is not a lot of opening up.

Some men have said that it puts into words what they were thinking and feeling, while going through these things. Women have been amazed at it's openness and honesty. No matter what, I think that you will enjoy the book.

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